Roofing and Guttering

Every homeowner has faced it. That little leak that suddenly appears in your roof. When that happens you need to reach out and find a roofing repair contractor that can help you. At this stage, lets face it, you are not going to spend hours going through reviews of a company. You are going to reach out to the first on you can find that has decent reviews and call them.

Roof Repairs

Picking the right contractor will make a difference on the repair job itself. A good roof repair should ensure no more problems. Period. However it happens to often that a contractor carries out the repairs and a few months later, it starts off again. That is why we have chosen the best quality roofing contractors we have found and put them on this page for you.

Any quality roofing contractor will also provide services outside of roof repairs, they will provide a full roofing service which includes rooflines at your home.

On your roofline, the most important aspects are the guttering, soffits, fascia and verges. The two types of verges are dry verge and wet verge. Wet verge is done with a concrete / mortar finish and will need maintenance every couple of years. A dry verge is done with plastic capping and once its up, will only need a quick look over every few years to make sure its sitting solid.


A good guttering contractor can handle all types of gutter repairs. Regardless if its seamless guttering, cast iron gutters or standard uPVC guttering. Damaged gutters will always need replacing but if its just loose, it can be reattached by its bracket to the backboards.

Soffit and Fascia

The two unsung heroes on your roofline. Both not only make a huge difference on the outlook of your home, they also provide protection to your roofline. Soffits and Fascia are most generally now done with uPVC. Older homes might still have some wooden soffits and fascia but they really should be replaced. They can rot, need constant painting and are just nowhere near as durable as uPVC soffits and fascia.


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