Picking The Right Gardener

If you’re going to be spending money on building your dream garden, you want to make sure you pick the right landscape gardener for the job. Do your homework and you can avoid budget blowouts, and ensure you get the landscape design and construction expertise you deserve.

Follow these tips for choosing the right garden professional, and you should save yourself a lot of hassle and money!

Check if they can both design and construct it

Some gardeners specialise only in the design of the garden, when it comes to building the design you’ll have to go elsewhere for the actual building of it. Find one who offers both design and build as it is less stressful than two different visions for your garden.

Ask to see examples of their past work

Any professional gardener will understand the importance of having a complete portfolio of work to show potential customers who are interested in their services. They should be able to showcase expertise in design, and construction, plus an ability to work with different sized and shaped gardens.

What kind of credentials do they have?

A good portfolio of work is a great start but you should always check out their credentials before hiring anyone to do your garden design. Check they:

  • have a degree from an accredited landscape design institution,
  • are a member of a professional organisation
  • are up to date on regulations for local and national standards.

What ideas or vision do they have for your landscape design?

Book a quote with a gardener who will be in charge of your backyard garden design. From the start you need to see if they understand your vision, can present ideas for your garden, and see how it feels to work with them. If there are any issues with communication, lack of design vision or negativity about space constraints/limitations at this stage, then you should find another landscape gardener that you feel comfortable with.

Can they work within your budget?

Clear communication around the estimated cost of the project and your budget is essential for both parties. Your gardener should realistically know how much they have to play with and they need to stick within the limits of your budget, so you don’t have any nasty surprises.

It’s also important to know their process if design changes are required mid-project. Will you be charged additional fees for these? Is the designer able to think creatively to stretch your budget to incorporate the look you want?

Can they provide an ETA for the project?

Always ask your gardener for an estimated time frame of how long it will take for a project to be completed before they start. They should be able to give you an ETA as well as factor in delivery times for materials, plants etc.

What kind of maintenance does it need?

Last but not least, your gardener should be willing to spend some time going over the care and maintenance of your finished garden. They should be as invested as you are to keep your garden alive for many years to come. Aftercare maintenance should therefore be part of the initial discussions and written into the project plan.